William R. Gary, Jr.I am William R. Gary, Jr., and I was in the 2012 CRoP class which has made a major impact in my life.  I learned a lot and made friendships that will probably last a lifetime.  The speakers were so informative and hearing about their life experiences inspired me to go to college and follow my dreams.  It’s funny now because I remember coming to CRoP one Saturday morning and thinking, “Why am I here?”  Well, that is no longer a question in my mind.  I know why I was there – to hear about other people and their view points on the world, the human body and life in general and in detail.  This may sound crazy but, “I kind of miss the CRoP family.  I really do mean family because I know that I can call on them if I need anything.   Enjoy this year even if you don’t want to get up on those sometimes cold Saturday mornings.  It will be worth it in the theme of things. Take many notes, listen, don’t talk when others are speaking and just know that Ms. Ida does not do these marvelous, wonderful things for her health- she really loves what she is doing.   So please show her and the other leaders all of the respect that they deserve.  They are here for you! Again, enjoy this year with CRoP!!!

“Thanks so much… Everyone is excited for Miles and I pray this opportunity will benefit all of the youth!  This is an amazing MINISTRY! “

-Parent Statement,
Class of 2013-2014

“Christian Rites of Passage impacted my life more than I would have imagined. In the beginning I didn’t want to get up on Saturday mornings but after a while it became routine and didn’t bother me as much. I felt like a true princess being in this organization. I met new friends with whom I still speak and know they’ll always be there. We had a great time on our cultural events and our eating around the globe. It taught me about things that I didn’t know but needed to know in the real world and knowing these things has benefited me a lot in college now!”

-Youth Statement,
Class of 2011-2012

“The nurturing/coaching you provided Steven was evident in his description of the presentation. He stated “everything was on the certificate”. When I asked him about eye contact , he stated that he was looking at Ms. Bell. Steven is unassuming with a quiet nature-that’s why I appreciate your perspective. He stated that he did well. He thought it was cool to present to someone who knows of him through his parents. Milan was a parent at Randolph elementary school when Steve was a principal about 20 years ago. “

Debra E. Smith Ph.D., LPC, NCC - Educational Consultant
Thank you for cultivating excellence in all our children | Class of 2011-2012

“It was a pleasure to participate in an event to display the beauty , talent and gifts of our children. A moment to dismiss “Hip Hop” and teach our children the eloquence & poise of life. Wonderful.”

~ Sandra Williams,
parent of Courtney M. Williams participant in the Inaugural Class of 2003-2004 Rites of Passage Debutante & Beau Program.