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CRoP Program 12 Rites of Passage

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Passage 1

Sets the tone for the year. Emphasizes peak performance and promotes Christian Leadership as a beacon and major standard of living. 

Passage 2
How to use the Bible

Lessons on how to navigate the Bible as a life tool and resource for everyday situations. 

Passage 3
Focused for Success

Provides the basic skills for setting short and long-term personal/career goals. 

Passage 4

Provides direction to build and maintain healthy, supportive family relationships. Reinforces the significance of family and respecting the various roles of the family unit.

Passage 5

Emphasizes the responsibility of community building and taking ownership for its well-being. 

Passage 6

Encourages responsible decision-making. Promotes confidence in communicating around peers and includes a health component on the subject of STDs and abstinence.

Passage 7
Money Management

Strong focus on budgeting, tithing, saving and investing. Provides rudimentary financial management and encourages fiscal self-control. 

Passage 8
Attitude Swing and Right Choices

Explores the impact of peer pressure and offers empowering decision-making tools.

Passage 9
Off Your Chest/Conflict Resolution

Teaches patience, conflict resolution and positive ways to “keep your cool”. 

Passage 10
Etiquette Finesse

Highlights professional dressing, personal grooming and everyday standards of etiquette. 

Passage 11
Dining Etiquette

Introduces youth to fine dining. Students are exposed to culturally diverse cuisines “Eating Around the Globe”, each month, and a formal dining etiquette cuisine being a six-course, sit-down authentic dining exercise.

Passage 12

Youth review and program reflection.  

Special Session

“Crossing over from One Life Stage to Another” where youth actually experience accolades in the culmination of growing from giddy teens to responsible young adults.