Christian Youth Program Crosses Twelve Year Mark

Twelve rites inspire and spiritually nurture Atlanta students

October 2015 marked the beginning of the seventh biennial Christian Rites of Passage program, a 12-month leadership program that provides spiritual and educational nurturing for high school students. Included in this year’s program are 32 high school sophomore and juniors from schools across the metro Atlanta area.

The foundation of the program is 12 Rites of Passage that encourage youth empowerment, self-excellence and self-pride and are instilled through structured classroom instruction. The 12 Rites of Passage are designed to assist with leadership development and cover such topics as focused for success, money management, peer pressure, conflict resolution and dining etiquette, not all inclusive.  In addition, program participants complete community service projects and attend cultural engagement activities. The culminating event of the program is a Debutante & Beau Recognition Celebration highlighting their achievements and dancing the waltz. 

For over twelve years, The Christian Rites of Passage program has proven to be a positive force in the community. Since 2003, CRoP has spiritually nurtured 230+ youth who have graduated with 93% going on to college. The Christian Rites of Passage program encourages the positive transition from one stage of life to the next and is the brainchild of program founder and chair Ida Ruth Irwin Crook.

Mrs. Crook was inspired from her experience as a former debutante of Detroit and was also featured in Ebony Magazine. Ida Crook believes that faith and moral values are essential tools to success. “The Christian Rites of Passage program teaches the awesome power of God,” said Crook. “We want every student to understand that one wrong decision can be a life changing event and we hope to plant 12 precious seeds that will grow for many years to come.”

About Christian Rites of Passage

Founded in 2003 by Ida Ruth Irwin Crook, the Christian Rites of Passage is a 12-month leadership program that encourages youth to faithfully serve and uplift their community. Students graduate after learning 12 Rites of Passage and participating in the Debutante and Beau Recognition Celebration Ball.

Alantria Harris
Public Relations Chair
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Ida R. Crook
Founder and Chair
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