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Lawrence L. Young, Senior Pastor at Cascade United Methodist Church shares his thoughts about the Christian Rites of Passage program —

“Here at Cascade, we seek to offer relevant experiences to our youth that will promote their growth and development–not just spiritually, but in every area of their lives. As a result, our youth have their own space to grow in during Bible study; gatherings with their peers for fellowship and building spiritual friendships; and planning for service to the community. Through these Christ-centered, ministry connections, a collective voice is formed that characterizes our Young Peoples Division (YPD). Christian Rites of Passage (CRoP) is one of the ministries that offer such opportunities. Youth who have experienced CRoP testify that this program changed their lives for the better, forever.” 

The Christian Rites of Passage program is part of the Cascade Young Peoples Division (YPD). Its mission is to “To provide teenage youth of the Global Community a stimulating cultural, educationally diverse and community service conscious program while recognizing Christian leadership.

Youth who have demonstrated exceptional Christian leadership by transitioning through twelve (12) Christian Rites of passage will be invited to participate in a Débutante and Beau Recognition Celebration.

Cascade United Methodist Church prides itself on being a light in the community and for more information please visit,

 Cascade United Methodist Church

Cascade United Methodist Church